Here you’ll find everything from my FAQ to art I’ve had commission, and details on what I’m currently working on.


When are you going to update [insert story title]?

I update when I can. My main projects update more frequently, and it also depends on the platform you’re reading my stories on.

It doesn’t hurt to check the book order google doc to see what is currently being updated.

Do you allow translations and accept fanart/covers?

Yes, I do! Do message me through any of my social media or shoot me an email to make a translation request, or send me art.

Is there a fan chat I can join?

Yes! I set up a discord chat where you can reach me easily if you’d like. Aside from that, I have a private Facebook group, and a sweet fan set up a fan page a while ago.

I now also share a discord space with multiple other writers, if you’d like a space where you can also find new writers and books. Join here.

Can I get paperbacks of your books?

I’m working on releasing Like Sugar and The Genius as paperbacks soon.

Can you give me writing advice?

I share writing advice on a YouTube channel that I share with another amazing writer.

Do I have to read your books in a specific order?

Most of my stories are standalone novels, and my series can be read as standalone books. If you wish to read them in order you can check here.


Main projects

  • Coyote Wolf.
  • Harmony.
  • One Night Stands.

To do list

  • Start outlining Renaissance Man.

Upcoming projects/events

  • Ballroom Glitz (Queer writers promotional event.)

Ongoing endeavors/events

  • Working on Coyote Wolf, Harmony and One Night Stands.

Back burner ‘maybe’ future releases.

  • Nothing but Sex Appeal (Re-coming out story.)
  • Opulence (gender non-conforming.)

Achievement highlights

  • My Type of Socializing became a Tapas community pick.
  • Vampirism became a Tapas Staff Pick.
  • The Tech Wiz became a Tapas staff pick.
  • May-December became a Tapas staff pick.
  • Urban Wolf became a Wattpad editor’s pick.
  • Vampirism became an Editor’s pick on Wattpad.
  • Nerd Alert became a Tapas Staff Pick.
  • The Genius became a Tapas Staff Pick.
  • Aristocrat got featured in the “rags to riches” list on Tapas.
  • Fragments of His Being got Featured on Tapas Media.
  • Symphony got featured in New and Noteworthy on Tapas.
  • Saint Became a Wattpad Star.
  • Acceptance got included in Tapas’ LGBT+ listing.
  • Kissing Wounds got Long listed for the Wattys 2018.
  • Symphony got featured on the Staff Picks list by Tapas.
  • The Genius was used for promoting the Wonder Movie and the Spot On app.
  • Nerd Alert, nominated for the Fiction Awards 2018 &2019.


Any unanswered questions? Navigate to the contact page to shoot me a message.