When this news letter goes live, I would have sent off my manuscript to my editor at Tapas. We plan to launch the new and edited version of Symphony this May! I will keep all of you up to date on my social media (Twitter and Instagram specifically.)

The sequel to Symphony (Harmony) will launch on Tapas months from now, but if you would like to read it now, you can access it on my Patreon for $1, and on Radish.


With the completion of My Type Of Socializing, a new book is entering my patreon for early access; One Night Stands.


University life can take a toll on you, and it was doing numbers on Mitch Grayson, a university student pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy. Mitch is a talkative, an overbearing person who’s oblivious to when he overstepping boundaries, and as a result, he didn’t have much of a love life until an interesting encounter at a local bar tossed him into the social circle of a younger man.

Conner is an interior design student, and he’s not sure what exactly drew him to the philosophy student without a bone of fun in his body. Conner feels Mitch is only good for nightstands but isn’t sure where to draw the line.

Things become personal, and the two experience an emotional attachment they weren’t banking on at the start of their escapades.

Early Access to One Night Stands chapters will be available on my patreon for $1 and on Radish fiction.


Vampirism made it to the last round of the Open Novella Contest. If you’ve been waiting for now to read my gay twilight story infused with christian mythology, now’s the time!

That’s it for this month! Thank you so much for reading, and I can’t wait to share content with you in June!

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Saint Caliendo is a writer of LGBT+ Romance, Humor, Historical Fiction, and Low/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal stories.

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