April #CampNaNo Project

As you all know, I always participate in NaNo events! For the event in April I will be working on Symphony’s long-awaited sequel; Harmony. Harmony will be posted to Patreon and to Radish and Tapas eventually. Because of my contract with Tapas, it will have to go behind a paywall, sorry!

If you’re interested enough in Harmony, you can wait for its launch on Tapas and Radish in June/July, or you can subscribe to my Patreon for $1 and follow along as I write and post.

Open Novella Contest update

I made it through round one of the Open Novella Contest, and have just submitted my work for round two. I’m excited about where this story is going, and I can’t wait to finish it in May. If you have still not read Vampirism, there are now eight chapters waiting for you.


As I prepare to round up Urban Wolf and Vampirism, I felt it was a good time to remind you all that I have a good reads page with all my completed books listed. If you happen to be doing the reading challenge, that means you can count my books! Goodreads is also a great place to keep track of what you’re reading and planning to read.

It would mean a lot to me if you took some time out of your day to leave a review/rating on the stories you’ve read. They help new readers find them, and share in the joy!


Due to the Coronavirus situation, I haven’t posted videos to YouTube in a while, but I will be streaming once in a while. If you’re subscribed to the channel you get notified of when I plan to go live. We chat and talk, and keep each other company as we write, game or read.


The discord server is chugging along. If you’re on discord a lot already, consider adding my reader discord to your already long list.

That’s it for this month! Thank you so much for reading, and I can’t wait to share content with you in May!


Published by Saint Caliendo

Saint Caliendo is a writer of LGBT+ Romance, Humor, Historical Fiction, and Low/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal stories.

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