So, somewhere in the beginning of February I sustained a cut to my thumb that made writing painful, so I spent most of the month outlining, planning, and filming YouTube videos instead. The injury backtracked me a bit, but towards the end of the month it healed enough for me to start writing again.

This is going to be an information and update newsletter, because I have so much to share due to all the thinking I got to do!


I’ve been enjoying writing my Open Novella Novel. I even went past the word count for the Month! I’ve sumbitted it for the first round of judging. Let’s hope I make it past the first round.



Adam is a Neet. He never leaves his apartment unless he absolutely has to. He holes himself up, only giving attention to his comics and cartoons. However, things change when a noisy party animal moves in next door and becomes a pest. Adam is given no other choice but to confront his neighbor.

A series of events pushes Adam outside his bubble and forces him to interact with others. And maybe, just maybe he thought his neighbor, Assad, was a bit good looking.

A new book joins my Patreon and Radish Fold. My Type of Socializing!

Radish (another reading site, link in description) is at chapter 4 (Chapter 3 already free on Radish). The link to my Radish profile is in my wattpad bio. Radish gives you 9 coins for joining and 6 coins for activating your email. That’s 15 coins, which are enough to read five chapters ahead. Radish also has weekly events where they give you 5 free coins for reading 10 chapters from stories on their front page.

Also, CHECK your emails. They give you free coins on holidays, for having an account for a month/year, on your birthday, etc.


In Feburary I streamed on a week I wasn’t able to get a YouTube video up, and found out that I quite like it. I started and finished three chapters in that stream, and I feel that it makes me quite productive. If you would like to chat with me while you watch me try to meet my deadlines, subscribe to my YouTube channel!

new Covers

New month, new look. Fragments of His Being Now has a new cover over on Wattpad, and has a new cover on Tapas as well.

Inkitt and Quotev Update

If anyone has noticed my uploading to Inkitt and Quotev has been sporadic, but this March I will make an effort to be consistent and form a presence on those sites. I will be uploading Siberian Wolf to Quotev, and bouncing between books on Inkitt.

Book Order

Due to popular demand, I finally wrote a book order. You can check that out here, if you want to sort through my books to see which ones you’d like to read based on genre/age group or read in order.


Once again, I’m active on Instagram. I’m enjoying it so far, and I hope it’ll stay this way for a bit. If you want to follow me and look at my hi jinks, feel free too. I also respond to messages on there a lot more faster than I used to.

I think that’s all for this month! See you in April.

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Saint Caliendo is a writer of LGBT+ Romance, Humor, Historical Fiction, and Low/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal stories.

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