Open Novella prompts will go live Feb 1st, and so will the summary and cover for Vampirism on Wattpad!

Symphony is getting a sequel

In January/December I started editing Symphony. I didn’t give a reason as to why I was doing so, and sadly I cant still say why I am, BUT I can share with you that there will be a sequel set in France! It’s called Harmony, and will follow Alejandro and Leo through their career.

There will be a few new characters, and you ill have snippets of old friends from Dansol!

If you haven’t read Symphony do check it out if you can!

Youtube update

We recently zoomed bast one hundred subscribers. A big thank you for everyone who’s subscribed so far!

I’m still getting used to filming and hearing myself talk, but I’m getting used to it, and soon I’ll be able to make longer more detailed videos. Right now, I’m going through the basics of writing to help answers I get asked a lot. In the list of videos I have to film are titles like “How I Outline My Novels” and “How To Describe Characters.”

If you’d like to join a community of writers learning and growing with each other, consider subscribing!

Patreon and Radish update

Hello! Since May-December has been finished on Radish and Patreon I will be working on two stories. My Type of Socializing (a speed write, like I did Aristocrat), and Above High Waters (To replace May-December.) The plan is to start working on My Type of Socializing extensively during February along side my ONC work Vampirism.

Urban Wolf will still get updates.It has about fifteen chapters left (probably less by the publication of this newsletter.)

Due to the new stories, and conclusion of old ones, the Patreon tiers have changed a bit, so feel free to check them out now. If you would like to binge read May-December and Aristocrat, feel free to do so on Radish Fiction.


Hello, so I’ve started interacting more on Discord. Discord is a platform where you can chat and discuss with multiple people. Think of it like a large Facebook group. If you’re intrested in reaching out to me, do join. I try to be online for at least an hour a day.

That’s it for this month! Thank you so much for reading, and I can’t wait to share content with you in February.


Published by Saint Caliendo

Saint Caliendo is a writer of LGBT+ Romance, Humor, Historical Fiction, and Low/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal stories.

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