I’m taking part in the open novella contest over at wattpad. Between January-April I will be tasked with writing a 20,000 word novella. I’m entering with a concept I’ve been wanting to explore for a while now: Vampirism. I have ideas, but I will have to wait for the prompts to build a solid outline. I can’t wait to share this story with you all when I can! Look out for the novel on Wattpad sometime in January.


  • May-December: Sunday.
  • Aristocrat: Sunday.
  • Urban Wolf: Thursday.
  • Vampirism: Matching the Open Novella word count deadlines.


I’ve been put to task to edit my novel Symphony. If you want an easier and smoother read, consider reading (or rereading) Symphony now.


All the pages of the first part have been made and are currently being drawn in and colored. I hoped that we would have this launched by Christmas, but things happen, and the comic artist had to take a break. So for now, no more guesses for release. I’ll just keep you updated on the project until it’s eventual release!

In the mean time you can binge the novels were:


It’s finally, January, and the promise to myself to better connect with my readers will start with my Discord and Facebook groups. I plan to be more active, and to coordinate more events for my readers.


Kr and I had a successful channel launch in December. I slacked a bit in December because our Editor needed time off, and I had to spend time with family for the holidays! But I’m going to mass record videos in January, and hopefully we’ll be able to get on a steady update schedule.

That’s it for this month! Thank you so much for reading, and I can’t wait to share content with you in January.


Published by Saint Caliendo

Saint Caliendo is a writer of LGBT+ Romance, Humor, Historical Fiction and Low/Urban Fantasy stories. Her works have amassed over twelve million views and a following of over forty-five thousand people across platforms. She’s a also Wattpad Star with a minor in Creative Writing. Saint has been long-listed for the Wattys, and has been featured three by Tapas. Her work has also been nominated twice for the Fiction Awards, and have been part of the promotional campaigns for the Wonder Movie and the Spot On app. When Saint isn’t writing, she’s scribbling on drawing pads, or playing a sand box game. Her nerdy love for games, books, art, history and all things fandom shines through in her work.

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