Excited to share the first of many news letters to come! Here, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of what I’m getting up to this November.

November NaNoWriMo project: Fragments of His Being [The Novel]

I’ve decided to finally work on the novel for my play, Fragments of His Being. I will start November 1st, and hopefully finish November 30th with thirty chapters.



What I’m working on this month/update schedule.

I did a poll on Facebook asking what story you’d like to take Why I Love Him’s place in my update schedule. Metrosexual Much won, so I will start putting work into that.

Not part of my facebook group? Join Here.

My main projects for the Month of November are:

  • The Musician (Updates on Sunday.)
  • Urban Wolf (Updates on Thursday.)
  • Fragments of His Being (NaNoWriMo.)

Acceptance is getting adapted into comics for Tapas and Webtoons.

I’ve started working with an artist to create a web comic adaptation of my story Acceptace.

Andrew, a twenty-six-year-old literature graduate has been through more drama than many his age. From suffering obesity to arthritis, and then anorexia after drastic attempts to lose body fat, Andrew grows more conscious of his body. He shields himself from the rest of the world in a reserved cabin tucked away in a small town where he dwells in solitude and self-pity. But things can’t stay the same forever and Andrew’s carefully planned out walls fall around him with the arrival of his Uncle’s fiancee’s son Ethan.

Ethan will more than disrupt Andrew’s ‘perfect’ life. He’ll also teach him the sole act of acceptance.


If you don’t follow me on tapas consider doing so. Tapas is also a platform where you can tip me. There’s a tipping event this November (21st-24th) for thanksgiving.

Here are some sketches from the comic:

Formatting Like Sugar for paperback publication in December/January.

I’ve decided to start formatting Like Sugar for paperback publication in December/January. It will be a slow process I believe, so dates might change. I’m excited to share this with you all!

Working on starting on youtubE

I’m working with a good friend of mine KR Williams to start posting on YouTube. We plan to launch in December/January, and we’re working on videos to backlog. We’ll mostly talk about writing, books, media, comics, and social issues. I will personally mostly do comic reviews and writing advice.

Kr Williams writes dark fantasy novels featuring queer protagonists taking on the world. Do check out their work!

Radish and Patreon

I have both May-December and Urban Wolf on radish on their ‘freemium’ plan (Every week a new chapter becomes free.) May-December is available to all my patreons starting from $1 a month. Urban Wolf is also on Patreon starting from $1 a month too.

Supporting me in anyway gives me more time to write so consider doing so.

If you want to be ahead but can’t for whatever reason I’m giving away coupons for 3 chapters for both May-December and Urban Wolf if you review and rate three of my books on Goodreads. Message me on Wattpad, tapas, Facebook or Twitter with proof of your reviews and I will send you a coupon code for radish.

Thank you for reading! If there’s any info you’re still missing feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you.


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Saint Caliendo is a writer of LGBT+ Romance, Humor, Historical Fiction, and Low/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal stories.

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